Welcome to the RPG Fiction Blog!

Are you a fan of roleplaying games? Do you love telling tales inspired by your exploits around the gaming table? Would you like to see your stories reach a wider audience?

Look no further! The RPG Fiction Blog is here! Every fortnight, we’re going to publish the best RPG-related short stories online at www.rpgfictionblog.com – and we’re open for submissions now, with the first story appearing on the 1st September 2015. We’re also going to publish occasional longer pieces in our “Tuesday Serials” on alternate Tuesdays. Over time we’re hoping to showcase stories from every genre of RPGs – from your Cthulhoid terrors to your soaring scifi epics, from your explorations of deepest darkest dungeons to the conspiracies and intrigues of vampires, werewolves, and more.

So, if you’ve got a story related to your favourite RPG, submit it today to rpgfictionblog@gmail.com. We won’t promise to publish absolutely everything, but if we do we’ll make sure it’s properly edited and credited, and even if we don’t we’ll give you feedback and constructive critique.

The RPG Fiction Blog is run by award-winning RPG and fiction writer Sarah Newton, former fiction editor of the British Fantasy Society Journal and the BSFA Award-winning World Speculative Fiction Blog (chief editor Lavie Tidhar).

The RPG Fiction Blog regrets that for now we’re unable to pay for the stories we publish, but in future we hope that will change. Rest assured that all rights remain with you other than your permission to publish your story here.


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